a little witch in every woman

a little witch in every woman

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

We're In For An Over Haul....

Hi there,

If there is still anyone out there keeping an eye out for my posts...hold onto your hats, I'm about to do an overhaul on this blog and try to make it a little more authory...if that's even possible.

Sound out if your still out there and still reading.

As always...


Monday, January 11, 2016

Good Morning Followers....

So, hows you all doing? I hope the season just gone was good to you all and that the year ahead brings you many wonderful things.

Me well I'm still reeling from getting my first book Sorcery, out on Kindle (Amazon) and receiving this my authors page link...https://www.amazon.com/author/bridginamolloy , which will come in handy when I have the second book out.

I'm working on it right now, it's called Dimensions, and it's about a woman who has an accident at a convention in America and wakes up in an alternate Dimension populated by Superheros....I'm working on the final draft of this novel and enjoying every moment of it.

This year I intend to get at least another two books up there, and to get them all out on other e-book platforms, which reminds me, do you read e-books, and if so, what is your favorite device?


Saturday, December 12, 2015

Well I've only gone and done it now...

I've finally published Sorcery on Amazon, you'll find it when you follow the link attached to the books name

The image above is the fantastic image that my darling T did for me, I'm so proud of it, and so excited, and so nervous. At this point it's a case of 'well it's done now and what if no one likes it' lol. Here's hoping that those who do download it like it.

So, book number one done and dusted, and in the new year, in between moving and everything else we've planned, I have the second in the series to finish and put up as well. So I think now I can finally claim, as well as my title 'writer', Published Author. My wife is like the cat that got the cream, especially since I put her as the author by mistake and am working to rectify that.

If any of you decide to purchase it on Amazon, and read it, let me know what you think, good or bad, it will be helpful when doing the next one. Thanks so much for sticking with me on this journey. More fun to follow I hope.


Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Books I've read Recently

Reading since the last set of reviews that I did on this blog has been a bit slow. But recently I've read two very excellent books, and am working my way through a third (the third is proving a little more difficult to get through, as I don't mind setting it down in order to do something else). 

The Shepherds Crown - Sir Terry Pratchett.
A very poignant read, I was going to wait till yule and request a copy from my dear wife as a gift, but a good friend got there first (I will still pick up a copy to add to the collection). A most excellent story as all Pratchett stories are, but clearly unfinished as the note in the back states. 
Terry wasn't finished with it, there are still some things that have been left in the air, but as it said in the end, those are up to us to finish off in our own imagination. I really enjoyed reading this book, and took my time with it, knowing that it was the last book sir Terry wrote. It's a beautiful piece of work, well worth a read.

Big Magic; Creative Living Beyond Fear - Elizabeth Gilbert
Now this is a fantastic piece of work, done by the woman that brought us 'Eat, Pray, Love' (I have to admit, I didn't read that book, but did see the movie). This book was an excellent read, and spoke, shall we say directly to me as in I identified with a lot of what Elizabeth Gilbert had to say in the novel, and disagreed with some other stuff, but she herself says that not everyone will be happy with everything, and the thing is to be happy with it yourself, and I hope she is.
The book is all about creative living, and the points Gilbert makes in this book, are outlined with stories some of which are very amusing.There's lots of good advice about over doing things, and letting things go even if they aren't 'perfect', but 'good enough'. I love the writers sense of humor, and her directness as well. I would recommend this to budding writers, artists, musicians and people in general it is that good.  

The Beekeepers Apprentice - Laurie R. King
This is a good book, I like the style of it, and the fact that it's based around an older retired Sherlock Holmes. I'll let you know more when I finish it.